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What Does It Mean To Neuter A Dog?

What are the health benefits?

Neutering can have big benefits for your dog’s health, and can literally save his life. It virtually eliminates the risk of testicular cancers, and it reduces the risk of some prostatic diseases (diseases that affect the prostate). Neutering your dog before 6 months of age also decreases the risk of breast cancer (yes, male dogs can get breast cancer)!

Neutering also significantly reduces hormonally driven behaviors like aggression and roaming tendencies. This makes it less likely that your dog will get hurt by fighting another dog, or will show aggression toward a person, and reduces the chances he’ll get lost or hurt by escaping to find a female dog in heat.

It’s good for all dogs — not just yours.

There’s a significant overpopulation of dogs, which means many of them end up homeless on the streets or in overcrowded shelters. By doing your part to prevent pregnancies, you’ll ensure there are more homes available for dogs who already need them.

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