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Man Uses Primal Scream To Convince Car-Thief Bear To Change His Mind

Upon hearing Ramos’ primal scream, the bear abandoned his mission — slowly backing away having been caught red-handed. (There was no food in the car, anyway.)

The Mercedes was safe, and thanks to that nonconfrontational approach to warding him off, the bear and cabin-goers were all safe, too. Yelling is actually a recommended bear-deterrent technique in some situations, as black bears are typically easy to startle.

“That was the only thing I remember from the Boy Scouts,” Ramos said. “[The bear] was more scared than I was.”

Fortunately, after that, the bear left Ramos and his friends alone for the remainder of their trip. But the unexpected encounter is one they won’t soon forget.

“It’s definitely going to be hard to top that memory,” Ramos said.

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