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Get Ready For Summer With These Essential Pet Products

Photos Courtesy Frontline Plus for Dogs, Pettom, and One Trail/Design by Meg Konigsburg

While we may be home and social distancing now, rising temperatures and sunshine are on the horizon — and spending time outside with your dog is one of the best ways to make the most of it. That said, whether you’re hiking a local trail, swimming in the pool or just lounging together in the backyard, investing in a few warm-weather essentials will help ensure your pup stays happy and protected from fleas and ticks. So, here are the pet products we’re stocking up on before summer comes:

A fully-loaded travel bag

Going on any kind of longer adventure means you’re going to need to bring a few things for your dog. This pet travel bag includes compartments to keep all their supplies neatly organized and easily accessible, and comes with two food storage containers and collapsible bowls. Pack it with food, water, and their favorite treats and toys then hit the road without worrying about having to stop to pick up something you forgot along the way. 

A life vest for swimming

Whether your dog enjoys going on sailing outings or diving into the backyard pool for a ball, extra caution around water is paramount during the summer — and many water-loving dogs benefit from a life jacket. Grab one like this model, which comes with a rescue handle just in case they need an extra hand getting back up into the canoe, boat, or onto the dock. Just be sure to get a size that fits your dog properly, and remember: even with a life jacket, your dog still needs to know how to swim and be comfortable around water. 

Photos Courtesy Frontline Plus for Dogs & One Trail/Design by Meg Konigsburg

Protection against fleas and ticks 

Keeping your pet protected is key if you both love being out in nature. FRONTLINE® Plus for Dogs is effective against not only adult fleas and ticks, but also flea eggs and flea larvae — making it a good defense against an infestation. The topical solution is easy to apply, fast-acting, and it’s even waterproof (Remember, your dog needs to be dry at the time of applying and for 24 hours after!). Best of all, it’s stored in the oil glands of your pets’ skin, so a single application lasts for 30 days — which is plenty of time for adventures in between doses.

A hiking leash that’s hands-free 

If your dog loves accompanying you on runs or hikes, this hands-free leash is an essential for summer exercise. The four-foot leash easily detaches from the waistband, which doubles as a pouch big enough to hold a few treats alongside your keys and phone and has built-in rubber ports to keep doggy bags at the ready. There are even multiple leash rings, so you can bring two dogs along for a run at once.


Photos Courtesy C&A Global & Pettom/Design by Meg Konigsburg

A mat to keep them cool

If it’s too hot for you outside this summer, chances are it’s too warm for your pup, too, especially if he or she is a senior dog. This mat is filled with a cool gel that is designed to keep your pet comfortable for up to three hours — even on sticky, humid days. Don’t sweat over taking it on adventures, either: the mat self-charges, so your pup can stay cool even when you’re away from home.

Their very own tent 

No one likes sharing a hot, cramped tent on a summer camping trip — which is why your pooch deserves his own to provide him with comfort during the night and shade during the day when it’s time to take a break. Many dogs naturally enjoy an enclosed space to rest and relax, and with his own tent right next to you, your pup will be sleeping like royalty. If camping plans aren’t on the calendar this season, it can double as a cool place in the backyard for him to spread out while you’re spending time at home. 

Photos Courtesy Hyper Pet & Ruffwear/Design by Meg Konigsburg

Bowls for fueling up on the go 

Dogs need about one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day — and they may need even more if you’re on a strenuous hike in hot weather. That said, feeding and watering your pup when you’re away from home doesn’t have to be messy or inconvenient. These collapsible nylon bowls can fit into any bag during travel and are machine washable when you get home. For larger dogs, there’s an option that’s welded so you don’t have to worry about the bowl folding in when its filled. 

A flying disc that floats

This lightweight nylon flying disc or “Flippy Flopper” is perfect for summer travel. It’s portable and buoyant, which means it can be used to play fetch near a lake or swimming pool without fear that your dog will go diving after a sunken toy. Plus, the nylon material is easy on dogs’ teeth and it comes in several bright colors to make it easier to spot in bushes or grass while playing outdoors in summer weather… wherever you happen to be. 

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