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Dog Swims Out To Join Family On Boat

Charlie’s family rescued him when he was around 4 years old, and he’s been following them everywhere they go ever since. The only time Charlie doesn’t follow his family is when they take their boat out on the water, as boats usually make him nervous. 

“He typically gets really bad anxiety around any large moving objects,” Randi Mendenhall, one of Charlie’s family members, told The Dodo. “He either waits at the truck or just goes back through the woods to get home. We never force him to get on with us to spare him the anxiety!” 

Recently, though, Charlie followed his family all the way to the boat dock near their house and sat on the shore as they boarded. As they watched Charlie getting smaller as the boat headed out, they quickly realized something was different — and that Charlie actually wanted to join them for once. 

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