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Cat Is Completely Outraged By Very Untrue Sign Her Family Put Up

From the moment she joined her family as a kitten, Suraci Rue has always been the sweetest cat. 

“She is a very curious cat and has to be involved in everything you’re doing,” Kami Netz, Suraci’s mom, told The Dodo. “She is super affectionate and listens as well as a cat can.” 

Kami Netz

Suraci is pretty much the perfect cat, and her only real vice is that she never, ever stops wanting food. Even if she’s just been fed, Suraci will try and trick whoever’s around into feeding her again. 

“She will love you up hoping you will fill her bowl in return,” Netz said. 

After a while, her mom decided to get a little creative to try and stop the food-obsessed cat from being overfed. 

Kami Netz

“Suraci thinks she’s hungry all of the time, which inspired me to make the sign,” Netz said. 

Netz is a local photographer and is very creative, and came up with the cutest sign that said, “The cat has been fed, don’t believe her bullshit.” 

Netz hoped the sign would remind whoever was around that Suraci definitely didn’t need any extra food and was not being starved … 

Kami Netz

… and as soon as Suraci saw the sign, she was very, very offended. 

Suraci sat in front of the sign as if she were reading it and then turned around with the sassiest look on her face, and her family couldn’t help but laugh. 

Kami Netz

“When it looked like she was reading the sign it didn’t surprise me at all, she’s a fairly intelligent and comical cat,” Netz said. 

Despite Netz’s best efforts, so far, the sign hasn’t worked at all. Suraci still loves begging for food and occasionally gets her way — she’s just too cute and impossible to say no to! 

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