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After More Than 14,000 Sheep Die In Romanian Ship Tragedy: New Report On Live Animal Transports Reveals Massive Issues That Must Be Addressed

In November 2019, a vessel with 14,000 sheep capsized on its way from Romania to Saudi Arabia, leaving the sheep to die. FOUR PAWS and its Romanian partner organization ARCA were able to rescue 254 animals, of which only 180 survived.

In early 2020, FOUR PAWS received custody of the sheep and accommodated them north of Bucharest, in a former horse farm that was adjusted to meet their needs. “The sheep received all necessary treatments, and their on-site team makes sure that they receive all of the care that they need.

The sheep are thankfully recovering well from the tragic ordeal. This is a constant reminder of the millions of farmed animals that keep suffering as long as live transports exist,” said Stephany. FOUR PAWS continues to work on a long-term solution for the sheep with the Romanian authorities.

The insufficient outcome of the report in Romania comes as no surprise to FOUR PAWS, especially considering the recent ship tragedy. It underscores that EU authorities must prevent the massive animal welfare problems that occur during live animal transports. Every year, more than three million live animals are transported from the EU to third world countries.

Live animal transport and slaughter must be banned worldwide.

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